Inspire 2 4K UHD FOOTAGE – Travel To France- The Village of Minerve-A Crusades History Lesson About a Bad Neighbor and a touching show of faith!

This is a beautiful village we visited while on our drone-barge adventure in Southern France shooting for our client.


The history of this place is very moving as it is one of thousands of places that suffered under the Crusades in the name of religious fervor. After the famous city of Carcassonne fell, some were able to escape to this DIAMOND SHAPED island of a village to seek sanctuary. They became surrounded on all sides and a siege of two months ensued. It was ended when a catapult, so named "The Bad Neighbor" destroyed the village's well and only water source, and thus forced their surrender.


Instead of surrendering to live under the rule of the victorious Catholic Sect, these fellow refugee Christians, 145 of them, decided to be burned at the stake rather than live under religious oppression.


Although in a different place and time, with different "ACTORS" the story has very similar threads to Masada in Israel, having persons preferring to die than to live under a religious rule they could not accept.

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