What We Do At Mark Bender Aerials:

Drone Training Masai Novitiates-Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania. 

Experienced Professionals


Mark Bender Aerials is a highly praised drone service provider, offering aerial footage, drone photography and mapping/modeling services principally throughout California, although we have completed many US Domestic and  International assignments. The company is led by Mark Bender, a film industry professional for well over three decades. Mark has been and continues to be a manned aircraft pilot for more than  38 years and an early adopter of drone technology. (in fact, he was one of the first pilots to receive a FAA Remote 107 drone license in the Los Angeles Regional Area.) Thus, Mark is Twice certified by the FAA, a proud Associate Member of The American Society of Cinematographers, and COVID-19 Safe Sets Certified as well. 

Based on the needs of a shoot, Mark hires high quality, personally vetted professionals who have all the proper FAA licenses, authorizations and special talents for the operations to which they will be assigned.  Visual observers and other utility personnel are also personally trained and vetted as well. The company's operations are also fully insured at multi-million-dollar levels and we can provide COIs for our clients, usually within 24 hours.

Mark Bender Aerials offers three primary service categories: Real Estate Drone Services, Film & Television Drone Cinematography and Construction/Mapping Drone Services.


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Objectives Oriented


There is a great difference between working with a Professional Aerial Drone Service Provider and someone who just happens to own a drone.   Here at Mark Bender Aerials, we take extra steps to make sure we know exactly what you need through focused interviews with you, our cherished clients. Coming from his Graduate Studies in Business and decades of experience in successful sales and marketing, Mark will not only discuss your project’s exact parameters and timelines, but also the objectives of the footage, photographs or drone acquired data. With this information, we are able to make smart, proactive decisions about when, where and how to shoot.

Next, Mark will cross reference the project’s shooting parameters with FAA requirements and weather to determine the best possible day and time to capture your desired content. After a project is finished, clients can expect a timely delivery.


Stunning Results


Mark Bender Aerials has proudly contributed footage to commercials and television, large-scale events, restoration projects, real estate assignments and more.  We work tirelessly to assure that our clients get exactly what they’re looking for.


I can not say enough positive things about Mark Bender. He is literally the deciding reason why productions I work on and companies I work with choose to go with one solution line, over another. Money can not buy his level of devotion and curiosity; when you have Mark on your side, you have access to everything within his huge network of people & resources.
- Mark Anton Read, VR Imaging Specialist + Producer


What you see [in Mark] is a completely blossomed artist creating beautiful still images and motion picture photography. We are all lucky to know him, call him our friend and celebrate his extraordinary work. He’s just in the door step of great things, done respectfully and correctly. I’m proud to call Mark a friend. He honors the greatest value that the best of the Hollywood filmmakers offered - a servants heart with the soul of an artist.
- Roy Wagner, ASC Director of Photography


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