Actor Tony Curtis and Sonny and Cher lived here-Sunrise Scout on Sunset Blvd.

This wonderful 1920's mansion sits on a 10-acre estate right on the walled south curbside of Sunset Blvd. Its former owners include such celebrities as Tony Curtiss and Sonny and Cher Bono.


This is a study prepared prior to a major restauration of the home so unfortunately the fountain and other features were not operational. But by happenstance you can enjoy the beautiful reflections of the still waters of the quiet fountain.


By arriving on scene well before sunrise, our crew was ready to capture even the sun's rays as they popped over the park like mature tree forest and strike the door entryway.


Using cinema like drone-camera moves we evoke the Hollywood Movie history this property witnessed in years gone by.


This iconic Hollywood mansion's entryway is ready for the new owner to make their appearances coming and going seem like the beginnings of their very own TV Series or theatrical release feature motion picture, especially in our very last scene- purposely designed to evoke this vision of glamour and grace.

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