Beautiful Horses at Sunset being set out to Pasture- Hecht Creek Ranch- Laramie, Wyoming

At 7,000 feet elevation, the original 1870's Homestead of the Hecht Creek Ranch, now owned by the Sigal family, is lovingly managed, using sustainable and animal stress free techniques. The bounty of their forward-thinking efforts, contrasts with some of the surrounding ranch properties, those not as lush- nor as healthy.


The ranches healthy herd of horses for the Horseback Rides it offers, has earned it the #1 Rating on Trip Advisor in all of the Centennial Valley area, just outside of Laramie Wyoming.


The ranch is a full- fledged CATTLE RANCH and its farm-to-market program has earned it renown as a gourmet specialty beef purveyor to area restaurants.


At Sunset, our Inspire 2 Drone was able to capture the moment the horses are being let out to pasture and the golden rays of the sun are glowing on the manes of these beautiful robust creatures.  Taking the patience to use habitualization techniques and special non-threatening movements with our drone, the horses are completely comfortable and act naturally for us. They share their obvious joy of this beautiful ranch's sustainable environment.


We can truly say here: "From the horse's mouth…"

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