Stripes Together

Sometimes the gentle patterns of nature’s creatures can actually be graphic!  The zebra’s stripes evolved to confuse predators about where one animal starts and the other begins. Use your imagination to see blurred confusion while the herd is running to escape the enemy. Here, the sharp, graphic repetition of the patterns in this pair andContinue reading “Stripes Together”

Leopard Thief Lock Up

Just after twilight in the dusk, we discover a juvenile leopard trapped by two male lions waiting below the prisoner’s 60-foot-high perch. The teenage delinquent was caught dining on the lion brothers’ fresh kill. We returned the very next morning to see him STILL IMPRISONED! Fill flash froze the movement and helped revel the detailsContinue reading “Leopard Thief Lock Up”

Beginnings of a Snowstorm

The subtle almost invisible clouds briskly move over a snow-covered ridge in the foreground while more ominous storm clouds just begin to mass in back of the Towers.  Sometimes the purposeful use of a non-standard aspect ratio can emphasize the geometry of lines in a photo. Note the subtle battle of the horizontal with theContinue reading “Beginnings of a Snowstorm”