Rarely Visited Gem- Tecopa Badlands Hot Springs DJI Phantom 4K UHD DRONE

In the very epicenter of several faults to the south of Death Valley are located the Tecopa Badlands.  The faults generate volcanic heat at great depths, while this natural geologic SINK collects natural waters from hundreds of square miles.


This process of the heat applied to the water, results in upwelling of natural hot springs which inspired the establishment of small quaint Hot Springs Resorts here in the Town of Tecopa.


Just north of the town, these waters come to the surface for the public to enjoy. This creates a juxtaposition of a natural OASIS in the middle of the Badlands.


The landscape from the POV of a drone on high and as it speeds along low, just a foot above the waters and crust of the surface and dune formations reveals to us yet again, the beauty nature creates in the least logical places.

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